Saturday, September 27, 2014

Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people on Earth;

People who are alive and people who are dead.

Which one you are says a lot about what you're like at parties. The former are fairly unpredictable but the latter always tend to be smelly, antisocial and somewhat decomposey but they will never, ever steal your alcohol.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Something You Probably Never Noticed About Pigeons

I live in the centre of town, the central business district. Most people I see whilst walking down the street during the day are either going to work, university or are meeting someone for a coffee, lunch, maybe even a movie. My point is that despite the fact that yes some people like myself do live in this neighbourhood (and I’m not talking about homeless people) this is generally a place where people come to work or socialize. At night it’s rife with sweaty party people stumbling about and yelling nonsense at the top of their lungs. This is the place where people come to work or socialize. That’s the function of this place for us humans.

Then again maybe it’s not just us that see it that way. As I said I live here and I noticed something interesting which anyone living in a big city can see too if you just look.

Pigeons seem to use this part of town for exactly the same purpose. I noticed that despite the multitudes of pigeons you might see all over town you only ever see one demographic, teens and adults, i.e those pigeons who have left school and are starting a job and a family. They only do two things here; look for food and socialize. I realised that despite all the pigeons I see flying around, scrounging around for crumbs or picking up chicks (pun totally intended), I never see any dead pigeons anywhere. Nor do I ever see nests or baby pigeons and before you start yelling at your screen that their nests are probably on rooftops or that’s probably where they go to die, that’s not the case (I checked). Pigeons come to town to look for food [go to work] or to look for mating partners [socialize]. Their homes are somewhere else. Probably in some nice uptown suburban neighbourhood where they can send their kids to posh private schools that charge thousands of crumbs to teach flying lessons that the chicks probably would have learnt themselves just by jumping from the nest.
 Now, in all honesty, I have done exactly zero research on the lifestyles of pigeons so this is entirely based on my own observations but I’ve been on several high rooftops around town plus I can see a whole other bunch of them from my balcony and I have never seen a single nest or dead pigeon in town. As for the private schools for the chicks well you can just tell from their smug demeanour that pigeons aren’t the kind of birds that would send their pompous little brats to a public school where they might fraternize with “those filthy” seagulls. That’s right, pigeons are super racist.

“What’s the point of all this?” You’re probably thinking to yourself. I’ll tell you what. The point is that if pigeons realized that they are no different from seagulls and that they are both birds who inhabit the planet earth, bleed red blood and evolved from dinosaurs then maybe they’d send their kids to public schools like normal birds, where the little runts would learn how to deal with a seagull bullying them for the slice of bread that they worked so hard to find instead of just standing around watching the big, white bastard eat their hard earned meal.

Don’t even get me started on sparrows…

Sunday, September 21, 2014

States of Reality

There's a lot of debate (if you're one to get into these sorts of conversations) about what is real and what isn't. Reality is a very hard thing to define because if you think about it, it's just like Morpheus says "What is 'real', how do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." I personally believe that the only true indisputable definition for 'real' is whatever you're experiencing at any given moment at any given time. This moment in time is the only true reality because the moment that just passed is a memory and our brains are very good at fabricating false memories so there goes their credibility. However we can't very well live our lives one moment at a time because, despite the fact that it would be super fun and we'd all be crazy adrenaline junkies with no regard for the future, it would be detrimental to the survival of our species if we didn't plan ahead and use past experiences for guidance.

When asked most people would describe something as being real the same way Neo seemed to understand the concept. If you can sense it, it must be real. They are, of course, referring to physical reality but what about the things you taste, touch, see, smell and hear in your dreams or in your fantasies (or for the hippies out there, when you meditate). When you dream you are completely immersed in another world and you can sense everything as fully and realistically as you can in your waking life. Yet most people disregard that as a fabrication or a trick of the mind. (which as I mentioned not too long ago your brain totally does with your precious memories anyway) Then we come back to the point that nothing is really real to you until you experience it. For example we're told that we live on a planet that's floating in space but for all we know the sky is a giant glass globe that changes color like those glasses which get darker in sunlight and clear in dimly lit areas. Unless you go out into space yourself and watch as the rocket pierces through our atmosphere and pops out into the infinite vastness of outer space you're really just taking other people's word for it and I don't know if you're aware but people have been know to lie.

So these are some of the logistical problems you run into when trying to define reality. My personal belief is there there is nothing that isn't real. From images floating around in your mind to the keys on your keyboard and your plans for the future. All things are essentially made up of the same energy so I propose dealing with reality the same way we deal with matter. We have states of matter; solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Well I think we can look at reality in the same way and categorize it in states. Here is how I've sorted it.

Solid Reality
   These are tangible things that leave evidence of their existence. Basically anything occupying the physical plane. Anything that you can touch, taste or see.

Liquid Reality
   Here you find ethereal things that have a strong connection to physical reality. Things likes memories or future plans. Thins that are either going to become solid reality or came from solid reality.

Gaseous Reality
  This is the super ethereal. Your dreams or fantasies. This reality doesn't really leave a mark or affect solid reality directly however if for example you lived a hundred years ago and you fantasized about flying to the moon, that gaseous fantasy became liquid and a trip was planned and eventually executed bringing it into a solid state.

Plasma Reality
   As with states of matter, plasma is the one that doesn't fit nicely with the others. This is the reality where things like out of body experiences, hallucinations, control or your internal energy through martial arts and meditation. It's sort of lives side by side with Solid Reality but it's not quite the same. The quantum world for example lives in Plasma Reality because it's sort of here but doesn't follow the same rules as physical objects.

Using this model we can clearly express and deal with different forms of reality as opposed to disregarding things as just our imagination and letting it affect our lives. For example people with hypnagogic hallucinations (that's where you wake up but still see, hear and feel things from yours dreams. It feels just like anything else and you're up and alert but if someone were in the room with you they wouldn't see anything) can actually deal with it with a different perspective other than "I gotta stop seeing all this stuff that isn't real". My rationale is if you're seeing it, it's real because you're sensing it and therefore it is part of your world and your reality.

Another area where this model comes in handy is subjective and objective reality. Solid Reality is objective. We are all affected by it and can't really just mind-over-matter it away but as you get to the less stable realities they become more and subjective and manipulatable.

So here is a scenario:

Say you dream of living in a city in the clouds.[Gaseous Reality-you can envision yourself there but you can change that vision with ease and it has no effect on the world around you] Then you win the lottery in every country simultaneously and your partners billionaire grandparent dies leaving you with all the cash so you decide "You know what? I'm gonna build a city in the clouds" so you start planning and designing it [Liquid Reality-the vision is now on its way to being realized and experienced by everyone else] Finally you build it and everyone is amazed that you achieved such an extraordinary architectural feat and everyone wants to move there and you become even richer and use all your money to end poverty around the world [Solid Reality-there are clear changes happening in the physical plane that can't be denied by anyone] Finally you notice all these monk moving to your city and they claim it's because the energy there is purer or cleaner or something along those lines [Plasma Reality-to them it's a tangible difference, to you it's gobbledy gook]

This whole concept is still in its infancy so I'm open to suggestions from fresh eyes but keep in mind this isn't an invitation to debate what is real and what isn't it's an invitation to suggest ideas and input for this whole 'everything is real' model. Suggestions must build on this model. If you do want to debate reality we can do that too just somewhere else.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


We think of the human race as this amazing species capable of all these great things. We see a bright future ahead for our descendants and so much hope and potential in those living today. But in the grand scheme of things and considering the fact that we are obviously fucking up pretty bad right now, messing with the planet when we've barely even traveled past our front lawn part of space... we are huge fuck ups. Not individually, because some of us are very intelligent and caring with tons of potential, but as a species and i think it goes without saying but i can't pull the whole species up alone. Here's the funny thing though, we don't realise just how big of a fuck up we are because we're part of us and we think "Yeah we've made some mistakes but we're not bad people" whilst carelessly poisoning everything around us including the planet that we need to survive. Our stupidity is killing us slowly. It's like we've buried ourselves neck deep into the sand on the beach at low tide and we're only just realizing that the ocean is creeping toward us with a vangefull look in its froth and we still try to deny it.