Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Question Was "How do you explain God"

This one is a bit more serious than usual.

My belief is that, as string theory suggests, everything is made up of the same energy so me, you, your shoes, my thoughts, the electricity that creates the image on your screen and even what seems like emptiness in space is all exactly the same energy at its core.

I like to think of it like ice cubes in a pool of water surrounded by steam. All made up of the same stuff but in different forms. I believe that, that stuff is God. The all encompassing energy that is everything, it is existence.

Therefore if you think God is judging you or controlling your life it's kinda true because you are judging yourself and controlling your own life. If you want God to have a plan for you then you must create one for yourself. If you ever think God wants you to do something that you don't wanna do... he doesn't, unless it's your mom asking you to take out the trash. We can't rely on him to save the world, we must take responsibility ourselves. You can't blame God for making you do something because you decided to do it and you are the one who did it.

We are divinity, we are God there is no end and there was no beginning. Everything has always and will always exist just in different forms. Treat others kindly, don't fear death and enjoy your time in this form. Respect others as you would like to be respected.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rent is Kind of a Weird Concept

I sometimes like to think about stuff. The best way I've found to do this is to strip modern and sometimes over complicated ideas down to their bare bones or at least as close to it as possible.

Take for a moment the concept of renting a home. If we strip down the idea we have to take away concepts like money and ownership or at least bring them back to their natural state (the way it works in the wild). These concepts aren't completely foreign to the natural world seeing as how insects and animals have homes that they own despite not being able to produce the paperwork to prove it. A bee colony will be very adamant about their ownership of their hive if you were to try to dispute it.

Let’s start with a homeowner. This person has occupied a nice little hole in the side of a mountain and has made it pretty clear that, that’s his cave where he lives with his partner and offspring. Suddenly you pass by and you decide that the area seems nice and you’re tired of living life on the move. There’s a nice forest full of berries within walking distance, a stream that’s only a stone’s throw away and you haven't noticed any tiger droppings or gang tags for miles so you know it’s a safe neighborhood. You set down your moose pelt backpack which contains some dried meat and all your stone tools and good sticks that you've been carrying around for forever and go into the bush to find some fruit for dinner.

Upon your return you notice that someone has gone into your bag there are paw prints all around it and your favorite stick is gone along with some dried meat. That night you settle down to sleep but it starts raining. Not only do you get drenched but you can barely sleep because you're so cold. The home owner notices that you're not having a good time and being the business savvy chap that he is, he makes you an offer:
He’ll let you sleep in his cave, hang out there whenever you want and keep your stuff there without chasing you out or attacking you on the condition that you promise to abide by his rules (tenancy agreement) and you also have to provide him with a basket of fruit or a small animal every day  (rent). You also have to give him your best stone tool to hold till you leave. This, he tells you, is to ensure you have something to lose and that he has compensation if you break the rules (bond).

Of course you agree, the two of you shake hands and so begins the tale of the landlord and the tenant.