Thursday, September 4, 2014


We think of the human race as this amazing species capable of all these great things. We see a bright future ahead for our descendants and so much hope and potential in those living today. But in the grand scheme of things and considering the fact that we are obviously fucking up pretty bad right now, messing with the planet when we've barely even traveled past our front lawn part of space... we are huge fuck ups. Not individually, because some of us are very intelligent and caring with tons of potential, but as a species and i think it goes without saying but i can't pull the whole species up alone. Here's the funny thing though, we don't realise just how big of a fuck up we are because we're part of us and we think "Yeah we've made some mistakes but we're not bad people" whilst carelessly poisoning everything around us including the planet that we need to survive. Our stupidity is killing us slowly. It's like we've buried ourselves neck deep into the sand on the beach at low tide and we're only just realizing that the ocean is creeping toward us with a vangefull look in its froth and we still try to deny it.

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