Monday, November 24, 2014

Androgynee the Deity of Gender

My friend recently came out as being transgender. He feels like a woman trapped in a man’s body. This got me thinking, there are very few role models for people who feel as though they were dealt the wrong genitals at birth. For example. Throughout mythology there are no heroes or heroines for gender confused people to look up to. Sure there’s Xena the warrior princess who’s a bit butch and likely a lesbian (The actress who played her in the t.v series Lucy Lawless sure is) but that’s for a different demographic so I decided to make one up.

Disclaimer: If anyone who has struggled with gender in their life feels offended by this, it is not meant to poke fun at you in any way it is just a character I thought of so if you’re offended kindly click away from this page because you’re looking too deep into this and you’re better off surfing sites that won’t piss you off.

Androgynee, the deity of gender: neither male nor female. Androgynee is gender free and can switch between genders as Androgynee pleases. Therefore gender specific words such as; he, she, his, her etc. cannot be used to talk about Androgynee and only Androgynee’s name may be used as a reference. Androgynee, whether appearing as male or female, appears divinely handsome or beautiful and is the epitome of masculinity or femininity depending on the form taken. Needless to say Androgynee can also appear at various degrees of either. Androgynee is capable of turning men into women and vice versa and has been known to take people’s genitals away as punishment, leaving them with nothing but a flat bump and a tiny hole to pee from. Androgynee cannot take away or change a person’s sexual preferences though.


…is the demigod/ess offspring of Androgynee, the deity of gender. Hermaphroleas is, as the name suggests, a hermaphrodite and is therefore both male and female. Hermaphroleas has the strength of a thousand people, 500 men and 500 women (for those mathematicians out there I’m basing this on average strength). S/he travels the world teaching tolerance and coming to the rescue of those who are oppressed for their gender ambiguity. Androgynee, like all Greek deities seemed to do, rather liked getting it on with humans and since Androgynee can’t reproduce on Androgynee’s own, Androgynee raped a man, Pudentus, taking his seed, incubating it in Androgynee’s body and then made sweet, consensual love to Androgynee’s most faithful worshipper, Phalemea who bore Androgynee an offspring. The other gods and goddesses got jealous coz they all kinda fancied Androgynee even though none of them were ever exclusive and they set 26 labors for Hermaphroleas (these will be detailed at a later date). It was said that upon completing the 26 labors Hermaphroleas would be allowed up on Olympus to live with Androgynee and the other gods and goddesses. While Hermaphroleas is often sought out by many gods and goddesses as the object of their affections s/he is also often shunned and attacked by others due to their lack of tolerance and disgust towards him/er. Oftentimes many of the gods and goddesses will switch from being pro Hermaphroleas to against him/er or vice versa. Hermaphroleas is often shunned and misunderstood by society for being different and has trouble fitting in but despite all this hardship s/he never hides his/er true self and is proud to the bone of who s/he is. Sometimes to his/er detriment considering this immense pride keeps him/er from ever donning a disguise to overcome challenges choosing instead to face everything head on making it clear who s/he is. His/er battle cry “I am Hermaphroleas!!!”, which has been described as a deep rumbling screech, is known to be so loud and terrifying that it can blow regular men off their feet and strike fear, confusion and immense discomfort in the hearts of even the most hardened soldiers.


  1. I liked this. But why did Androgynee have to rape the guy? Couldn't Androgynee have taken the female form and seduced him? As Greek deities did love their duplicitous schemes.

    1. Well there're heaps of Greek Gods who rape their offspring's mother so I figured I'd borrow that idea as part of Hermaphroleas' origin story. I didn't want the woman to get raped so I made the dude get raped instead.