Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Invitation to our Extraterrestrial Neighbors

Click on the link above, read it with an open mind and make your choice. Do we wish for extraterrestrial guides to present themselves to us and give us a step up into the universe where we can finally meet all else who inhabit it and witness its wonders or do we want to be left alone to our own devices and continue down this descending spiral into oblivion.

This article could be a fake but in reality whether it is or isn't doesn't matter. I've always wanted to travel through the vastness of our universe and learn about other beings. Here an opportunity to do just that has presented itself at no cost other than to make a choice and verbalize it. This is easier than voting because it's a simple choice that you can do from the comfort of wherever it is you're sitting right now.

Do I, Boko Great, wish that you show up?


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