Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So Many Strippers at the Gym

I know what you might be thinking, “Oh here’s another dude that only goes to the gym to stare at hot girls working out, looking sweaty and sexy.” and you’re right but that’s not what this is about. I’m talking about gym instructors. “What do gym instructors have to do with strippers?” you’re probably asking yourself. Well for one thing there’s a good chance that some of them either were, are or will become strippers at some stage in their life. Maybe to help pay for the ridiculously high cost of their gym membership. Which is unnecessary if you ask me coz a single pole can easily replace almost all gym machines since it gives you a way better work out to work one night at the booby bar than a week at the gym. Anyway my point is that gym instructors are a lot like strippers when it comes to their job.
Think about it. Just like strippers, gym instructors strut their sexy, muscular, taut bodies around the establishment looking around while looking sexy and eyeing up potential customers. Just like a stripper you can get their attention for a little while (during which time tips are generally exchanged) but if you really wanna spend some quality time with them you gotta fork out the big bucks. They’re also the ones that entice and convince you to frequent their place of work regularly and try to make you believe that you really need them to spend time with you if you want to leave feeling good.

In conclusion you’re better off doing it all at home by yourself with the help of videos from the internet. Although it does feel a little more satisfying to go in and get some hands on action.

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