Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Saddest Dream

I just had the saddest dream within a dream.

So I just got this thing called Mind Chat and got connected to this girl whom I haven’t spoken to in a while and am quite fond of. < (understatement of the year)

Boy: Hey I just got told about this thing I figured I’d say hi

Girl: Hi, yeah it’s pretty cool. I know it.

Boy: Also I was kinda wanting to talk to you. We haven’t spoken in so long that now every time someone mentions your name I feel like telling them to shut up coz it just reminds me of you and of how I haven’t talked to you in ages.


Boy: I didn’t want your name to turn into a negative reminder. How are you anyway?

Girl: I’m ok. How are you?

Boy: I’m pretty good, work is going good and stuff. Now I just found this mind chat thing, ha ha. It’s actually pretty cool.

Girl: Yeah well you have it installed in your mind.

Boy: What, you don’t? How are we talking then?

Girl: You can connect to anyone you think about but because you have it installed you respond pretty much automatically and completely honestly because it’s in your mind reading your thoughts whereas if the person you’re connected to doesn’t have it installed it waits for a returned response. Anyway I have to go.

Boy: Oh ok, that was quick. Ok well *I lean in*….

Girl: What?

Boy: I’m leaning in for a kiss. You lean in too or I might miss you.

Girl: You already have. Goodbye.

At this stage I woke up from the dream within the dream crying…

Then I proceeded to chase my mate who was jokingly stealing another mate’s car and doing donuts and once I got the car I pretended to steal it too. Then I woke up from that dream and thought “That dream was so sad. I need to write it down.”

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